April Newsletter

April 28th 2014,

Could we have Prevented Fort Hood shooting?

It is unfortunate that there was another shooting at Fort Hood army base in Texas. There are some pieces of information which need to be carefully studied to potentially prevent such shootings.

Spc. Ivan Lopez vented his anger about a range of subjects on Facebook before his shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas, including his outrage at Adam Lanza’s mass school shooting in Connecticut. Lopez had been battling depression, anxiety, and was being evaluated to see if he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder

We need to carefully monitor what is being said on social media especially if it is referring to past violent incidents. Even Cho, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech shootings had written violent essays.

TipNow social can help with social media monitoring for safety and security related intelligence.

Recently one of our customers identified a suicide note on one of the social media sites and were able to communicate that with the school principal and avert the suicide.


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