August Newsletter

August 28th 2014,
On Aug 24th 2014, an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 struck Northern California’s Napa wine country injuring around 200 people. It also sent brick and concrete tumbling from historic buildings and triggered fires and power outages. Officials said at least 15 buildings were left uninhabitable. Thankfully there were no casualties but the losses from California quake could top $1 Billion.

Emergency response teams did extremely well to get the injured to the hospitals and fought fires.

Many people take to social media during emergencies and emergency response agencies  potentially can use social media monitoring to get enhanced situational awareness on the ground. This can optimize the emergency response task prioritization.

TipNow Social is an unique social media monitoring technology which  helps emergency operation centers to know who is injured, who needs help and which areas need the most help.

Another Resiligence product, TipNow – a texting based anonymous reporting system, was used during hurricane Sandy. One of the students at Providence College texted that she needed ice for her insulin urgently. Voice calls were not going through and internet was down but texting was functioning and hence the emergency response team was able to get her the ice she needed resolving a potential  life and death situation.

Here is a short video of our CEO, Cyril Rayan speaking at a panel at Silicon Valley Innovation Summit 2014 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA. He talks about how campuses can be safer using TipNow.


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