February Newsletter


EONNow monitors and aggregates information from social media, on-line media and blogs generating relevant non-emergency alerts and also creating a dashboard for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during emergencies. This can be used by college and university campuses, cities, corporations and retail organizations. EONNOW will help city and campus law enforcement and security personnel to prevent potential suicides and civil disruptions. EONNOW will also help the police and fire fighters to be more effective in tackling natural disasters and emergency situations.

Harness the power of social media
Monitor and aggregates information from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and other social media sites.
Automated Alerts
The system will generate automated alerts based on keywords for events like demonstrations, illegal parties and flash mobs.
Simple and clear categorization of emergency incidents – life safety, infrastructure, environment, property, etc.

Benefits of EONNow:

• Software-as-a Service (SaaS) model eliminates the need for installation of costly software and hardware onsite.
• Centralize social media monitoring process at all times reducing or eliminating fragmented or random information gathering
• Optimize resource utilization
• Direct limited resources quickly to the appropriate need

Features of EONNow:

• Ability to set keywords to monitor on social media, blogs and websites
• Generates automated alerts for events which might need additional police or security personnel
• Gathers relevant information from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google News, RSS Feeds, Media Outlets continually

• Publishes the emergency information on a web portal.
• Categorizes the emergency information into Life, Infrastructure, Property or Environment.
• Helps prioritize resource allocation.


The first SMILE (Social Media the Internet and Law Enforcement) conference was held recently in California. This conference was on how social networks like Facebook and Twitter can help them keep people safe. Resiligence President Cyril Rayan said that the anonymous texting service TipNow is launching a new program that watches social networks for keywords. There have already been major victories. In Redwood City, a missing person was found in just 13 minutes by a Twitter hit and a photo that was put out to the public. To know more about the product, visit us @ www.tipnow.com

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