July Newletter

Tipnow plus is a brand new upgrade to tipnow with several new features which are listed below:

  1. The User Interface is exactly the same as an email inbox. So, easy to use.
  2. Each tip is created with an unique tip ID
  3. All the tips are collected in sequence and the last tip appears on top.
  4. Easy to find when a particular tip was sent by a tipster – date, time, etc
  5. The type of tip can also be known
  6. It integrates all other tips with the Mobile app tips
  7. This system has Mobile App tip, SMS tip, Voice tip and email tip
  8. The stages of a tip are – Open, Followed up and Resolved
  9. The delete button deletes the tip and puts it in the archive page
  10. A tip could also be forwarded to someone else
  11. Follow – up can also be made for a tip
  12. It is a two way anonymous system
  13. Automatic notification is sent to the administrators who in turn can respond to the tipsters
  14. Can mark a particular tip as spam when you find that particular tip as not useful or from persons with unsound nature
  15. Can block the tipster from sending the tips further
  16. Unblock a tipster is also possible
  17. We can easily restore a tip which was either deleted / missed in anyway
  18. Group follow – up is also possible
  19. Different roles of Administrators is possible – Supervisor, Provider, etc
  20. Notifications can be customized by the administrator
  21. A policy has been setup where a tip is marked as spam when a tipster sends multiple tips to multiple organizations
  22. A very important feature of tipnowplus is the Desktop Notifier – When a new tip comes a popup pops in the screen in the desktop, wherein quick action can be taken

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