July Newsletter


EONNow is a social media monitoring system that monitors and aggregates information from social media, on-line media and blogs, generating relevant alerts for suspicious events such as demonstrations, illegal parties and flash mobs.

EONNow harnesses the power of social media by monitoring and aggregating information from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, RSS feeds, news media sites and more.

A set keywords is used to monitor social media websites, blogs and websites and if the certain keyword is found on a given social media website, an automated alert will be generated and sent to specified recipients and also to a dashboard, from which security personnel can monitor the activity and take appropriate action.

EONNow is geared toward several target emergencies, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, active shooters, fires, hostage situations, and more. Non emergency alerts include potential suicide, demonstrations, illegal parties and flash mobs. The value of EONNow is that there is really no limit to the types of emergency situations it can be useful for.

EONNow centralizes the social media monitoring process at all times, reducing or eliminating fragmented or random information gathering.

EONNow acts as a surveillance eye that never sleeps, monitors and examines social media sites, news media sites, blogs, RSS feeds, and more, projecting potential threats before they emerge. This allows an organization to have levels of warning for variety of emergencies, and prevent the same. For example, social media posts that foreshadow the killers’ intentions can be brought to the attention of authorities before the incident actually happen, such as in the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres. These are just a few of the ways that EONNow can benefit your organization.

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