June Newsletter

We are pleased to inform you that many schools, universities, cities and media stations are already benefitting from their new TipNow subscriptions this quarter.

Several categories of tips received are described below, along with this video on how ABC30 Action News introduced TipNow to enhance community safety:

Gunfire includes any situation where the tipster heard gunfire

Social Media Abuse
Social media abuse involves the use of Facebook, Twitter, etc. to harass people or to send or post inappropriate material online.

Request for Help
Requests for help include situations where the TipNow user is discreetly requesting help for some personal issue

School policy violation
School policy violations include things such as not following the dress code, drug usage, bullying, etc.

Stalking involves various forms of harassment, often by fellow students

Did You Know: TipNow uses two way communication between sender and receiver and yet maintains the anonymity between them.
TipNow enables you to make your community, school or organization safer.
To find out more, Please visit or call us at:
1 (877) 395-5095


From the TipNow Team:

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