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TipNow Case Study – Fresno County, Central California
TipNow is a mobile-app, SMS, email and voice based anonymous reporting system.

TipNow has been successfully deployed in 8 school districts (10s of k-12 campuses), college campuses (Fresno State university, College of the Sequoias) and media stations (ABC News) in the Fresno region which is in Central California.

TipNow  allows students, school staff, parents and even neighbors; an instant way of reporting potential danger. Different types of issues have been reported including bullying, social media abuse, gang related tips and weapons.

One of the biggest impact of TipNow was the gun violence prevention at College of the Sequoias.See the latest ABC news report on TipNow in Fresno region.


Here is the ABC news story on gun violence prevention at College of the Sequoias costipnow

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