SEE HOW TipNow Prevented gun violence at College of the Sequoias

TipNow at College of the Sequoias, Visalia, California

Within a couple of weeks of deployment of TipNow there was a tip which came through text message at College of the Sequoias preventing gun violence on the campus.

College of the Sequoias has received more than 100 tips since the app’s release. While many of these tips were only service related, 55 of these tips were for suspicious behavior and seven tips have led to arrests.

COS’s police department is creating an awareness amongst the students about using Tipnow for creating a safer campus. 10,000 students attend this college.

Chief of the Police, Bob Masterson said that students and faculty in the campus were their best resource. He further added that one may be a great witness even when they are not a victim.

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